October 19, 2005


I've been tagged by Toyebot to post 20 random about myself, so here goes!

1. I can't paint with brushes and paint.
2. I enjoy toilet humor, the kind you get in "There's Something About Mary".
3. I think Hayao Miyazaki and Tim Burton make the best animated movies.
4. I am a fan of Japanese food, anime, gadgets and household items -- they're neat.
5. I am somewhat a neat freak.
6. I am too skinny or my metabolism rate is too high.
7. I procrastinate a lot.
8. I hate to wait.
9. I can't stand it when my hair grows long enough to touch my ears.
10. I have the hand-eye coordination of a worm -- can't play ball games.
11. I like to wear shades of grey, blue, black and white.
12. I have lots of clothes but nothing to wear.
13. I am glad I don't have to wear a tie to work.
14. I have a driver's license but can't drive.
15. I can sit around all day without uttering a word.
16. Techno music gives me a splitting headache.
17. I love trees, especially those of gigantic proportions.
18. I love Apple's stuff, wish I own all the mouth-watering gadgets.
19. I love gelato, chocolates and cake, but I cough a lot if I eat too much sugary stuff.
20. I have never seen a snowflake (packed snow, yes, but not a snow flake).

Well, the rule is to pass the tag along... so I'm tagging Rowantree, Alison and Edric, if you guys haven't been tagged yet! Have fun!


merlinprincesse said...

I would send you a snowflake by mail. We have lot of them here... Bur I'm not really certain it would arrive in your country safely...LOL.

merlinprincesse said...

By the way, I like your illustrations...

Alison Ashwell said...

I've answered the tagging =)

Toyebot said...

#6 & 7 - ahh..I can relate! haha
thanks for playing! keep up the good stuff.


Edric Hsu said...

Hey hey, where are you?
Missed your illos already!
Hope everythings going A-okay! :)