October 29, 2006

Wind 風

Remembering a character from 風雲, a popular comic series from Hong Kong in the 90s. 聶風 is his name, and he moves like the wind.

October 21, 2006


Having to pee in the wee of the night
After watching a movie specializing in fright
Can truly be quite a plight
(And no ... that's not my sister asking me to hurry up with the can)

October 15, 2006


My entry to Penelope's "Black & Orange" Halloween contest!

October 14, 2006

The Perils of Love

A crude comic 'story' done more than 10 years ago (!). I think it fits somewhat with IF's theme this week -- 'Smitten'.

October 9, 2006


The world ... is in trouble.

October 7, 2006


Girl is back ... in color!
The original sketch ...