December 20, 2006

Hong Kong (the less crowded version)

MacLehose Trail, Sai Kung

Lantau Island

December 9, 2006


No mask can hide the (lack of) enthusiasm for the role.

December 3, 2006


It's hard to imagine how my mom coped, with half a dozen children and no help at all with the housework and making sure the kids are up to no mischief. One daunting task must have been that of 'marketing', and during the 70s all we have are crowded, stinky, very slippery wet-markets. I remember vividly my mom's instructions to grab her skirt tight when she brought me along for her daily trips to the market ... and I tagged along for an ulterior motive, that is, to bug her to buy me a toy from the corner stall. Slipping and getting lost are very real risks in that market, and mom has both her hands full to keep a grip on us. It must've been real tough ... here's to you, mighty mom.

November 27, 2006

My pig

Nothing meaningful to post ... so, here's a pig!

November 19, 2006

Stars n Pimps

Another practice on Illustrator. This is inspired by a certain pop star ...

November 14, 2006

Clear II!

Getting used to getting things done in Illustrator ... amazing to see it all in vector, I guess the extra effort is worth it for flexible scaling.

November 12, 2006

Clear ... and fuzzy about Illustrator CS

I've been trying to figure out Illustrator CS, but still have not figured out how to apply shading in an efficient manner. The Illustrator help and tutorials didn't help, or I must've missed it somewhere. Do I have to path out every single shaded part and avoid overlapping of paths throughout? It is an extremely tedious process ... isn't there an easy way out like Freehand's 'paste inside'? (where I can etch out a general area of a darker shade and paste it into the confines of a lighter shade?) If you happen to have a solution to this, please, please let me know!

Took another piece of old work to do a Live Trace in Illustrator, it's a really useful feature. Again, I don't know how to go about shading it ...

November 7, 2006


I'm not even sure what kind of 'style' I'm trying to achieve ... it's been difficult to draw lately. Anyway, since I've got it done, here it is, a post-Halloween smoking ghost.

October 29, 2006

Wind 風

Remembering a character from 風雲, a popular comic series from Hong Kong in the 90s. 聶風 is his name, and he moves like the wind.

October 21, 2006


Having to pee in the wee of the night
After watching a movie specializing in fright
Can truly be quite a plight
(And no ... that's not my sister asking me to hurry up with the can)

October 15, 2006


My entry to Penelope's "Black & Orange" Halloween contest!

October 14, 2006

The Perils of Love

A crude comic 'story' done more than 10 years ago (!). I think it fits somewhat with IF's theme this week -- 'Smitten'.

October 9, 2006


The world ... is in trouble.

October 7, 2006


Girl is back ... in color!
The original sketch ...

September 30, 2006


September 24, 2006


September 19, 2006

The Wrong Pants

Guess whose underpants are those?!

September 10, 2006


September 3, 2006

Ode to the Bolster

I think one of my earliest sense of security comes associated with the bolster. Over the years, I have 'upgraded' my bolster from a teeny, poorly stuffed one to one that is big, fat and mighty!

A good night's sleep must come complemented with a nice, huggable bolster. Some like it warm and some like it cool (I have heard stories of kids putting their bolsters in the fridge in preparation for hot summer nights); some like it small and some like it BIG; some barricade their beds with bolsters, especially after watching a scary movie; while some just like to wrap their arms and legs around it, like a koala hugs a tree...

Thank you bolsters of the world, for keeping us safe for generations!

August 29, 2006


August 23, 2006


When a 'match' is the last thing you expected ...

August 17, 2006


August 14, 2006



August 10, 2006

So you think you can prance?

'Captured' in motion? Hope this passes :)

August 5, 2006


August 2, 2006


Buy this IPO, it'll be the new Google, or rather, go-OGLE.

July 23, 2006


Opposites attract! I thought the negative version looks quite cool, I somehow prefer it to the original.