August 29, 2005

Soccer Fever

No apparent reason for this ... had the urge to draw an elephant kicking a ball.

August 27, 2005

Illustration Friday - Dreams

Strangely, I seem to be getting lighter
I take a deep breath
And find my feet lifted off the ground
With my toes, I give myself a little push from earth
The next thing I know ... I'm way up in the air
Gravity no longer applies on me

Like a fish in water, I glide in the open space
Changing directions; twisting and turning; doing multiple backflips
It's all within my control
I'm a bird
I'm Superman
I'm the Monkey God
Riding with the clouds
With the breeze on my face

Where do I go now?
How far will I dare to go?
What if I suddenly lose it and fall?
Oh, who cares ...
For once I'll cease worrying
And enjoy the utter happiness
Of dreaming a flying dream

August 23, 2005

Lizard Dude

Just something I sketched for fun ... added the reddish background to give a bit of depth.

August 20, 2005

Illustration Friday - Reflection

I like this week's topic "Reflection", a number of ideas flashed through my mind. So for this week's Illustration Friday, I'll be extra-productive and do 2 drawings... I'm rarely so hardworking, y'know.

Reflecting in a corner with a sore bottom can bring about mixed emotions...

It's a nasty habit, but nose-picking can be oh-so-pleasurable :8p (8 for the big nostrils!).

August 13, 2005

Illustration Friday - Wisdom

After getting 'caught' redhanded for not posting an original idea for this week's topic (Thanks Kathy and Carla, I need nudges like this to keep me drawing and thinking :-)), I cracked my head over what I can do for 'Wisdom', and nothing much surfaced... So I decided to draw from my most recent mishap. I just had a minor surgical procedure done on my rear end (shan't go into details in case it grosses anyone out), which is an unkind reminder of the importance of eating right. So here's what I have... The Wisdom of a High-fibre Diet! It's a pretty horrible piece of crap, another attempt on my colour pencils that have not seen daylight for quite a while already. Looking at the state of this piece, I think it's wise to keep the pencils in storage. Darn, I can't paint (even with colour pencils!).

I traced this from Norman Rockwell's "Doctor and Doll" some time ago, in a bid to practice shading using a mechanical pencil with 2B lead. Didn't do a good job with the lighting and the facial expressions (which are really hard to duplicate), but it was fun filling in the details. The expression on the doctor's face is really the essence of the piece, and I feel it's quite apt for this week's topic "Wisdom".

August 9, 2005

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

It's Singapore's 40th National Day today. More importantly, it's a public holiday, yay!

August 8, 2005


Another typical trip on the train home on a typical Monday... little girl in her PE (Physical Education) attire; highly-strung lady thinking of all the chores to do back home; power-suited lady going at it on her sleek top-of-the-range mobile phone; and me just feeling kinda dazed...

August 6, 2005

Illustration Friday - Empty

Here's my take on this week's topic. "Empty" here is a state of mind, rather than a physical void. Sometimes you can feel as though you are trapped in a vast emptiness, shut away from the rest of the world. But there'll always be the tiny specks of light in the midst of gloom... the indomitability of the human spirit.

August 1, 2005


I go to work at around 8, so every morning I'll see kindergarteners on their way to school. There are so many ways to get to school, by car; by bicycle; on foot... and in one unique case, on wheelbarrow, as illustrated. Ok, it's not exactly a wheelbarrow, but a baby pram probably designed for babies one year and below. But there is this big, fat, grouchy-looking kid who gets 'carted' to school every morning, with his body weight obviously bearing on the tiny pram and the equally frail looking Indonesian maid. There was even once when I witnessed the fat slob riding piggyback (ahem, piggy) on the poor maid, I think they should weigh about the same. Before I jump to conclusions, he is a healthy walking specimen (have seen him actually moving unaided once, wow). This kid is just plain lazy.