November 8, 2005

Back from the Clouds

I'm back from my (very short) 16-day vacation to South Island, New Zealand, the Land of Clouds. It's been a good break and I've tried a good many crazy things like jumping off a plane and swinging into a canyon. I've also gone upclose with beautiful snow-capped mountains, glacier lakes and moss-covered beech forests ... and hopefully taken some pictures that do justice to the awesome beauty of wide open spaces.


Edric Hsu said...

Glad to have you back!
But wow! What a wonderfully exciting vacation you've had, in such a beautiful land!!
Now I can't wait for Christmas Eve when it's my turn to get to Australia!! =P

Anonymous said...

hey there,
your pictures of NZ are beautiful!!! it's great to see our amazing country through the eyes of another creative!!! hope you had a fab time.
Kiwi girl

Christine Lim Simpson said...

How I envy you. I need a holiday very badly. Nz is one of the place I wish to go to. So beautiful.