December 23, 2007

Animals Galore

Woof neigh moo quack oink ... cluck chirp.

November 25, 2007

Holy ... Holly's Hot!

One month early, but Holly can't wait ... neither can Santa.

Imitation Kawasaki

I did an imitation Audrey Kawasaki on a cheap $2 wooden board from Daiso. I think it looks nice ... but only from a distance. The wood grain is perfect for skin tone. It's all done with pencils, because I'm too chicken to use paints on the wood ... maybe next time.


The sketch and the pencils.

November 21, 2007


"Beauty is frequently boring, everybody knows what beauty is. With ugliness, there is an infinity of formations that can take place." Umberto Eco

November 11, 2007

Arrested Development

"Aw, c'mon!!! Not even an ounce more after binging for 3 straight days?!" - A staple lament directed at my scale

November 5, 2007


October 13, 2007


October 8, 2007


#$%*&^ can... not... open...!

October 1, 2007

The Blues

September 28, 2007


All hail Ivan the juggling pig!

August 18, 2007


Speaking about captains, remember Captain Caveman? That yell is classic.

July 10, 2007


July 3, 2007


I'll work on this further when I get the chance ... for now this will do!

June 25, 2007


Some mornings I see this auntie who is a literal assault on the senses. Bright orange hair, green tatooed eyebrows, enough perfume to make you gag and other blinding adornments. I ask myself: Why???

June 7, 2007


It's been an awfully long time since my previous post ... here's something done for a client a while back. It's probably the first time I attempted caricatures. If you're looking at this, I do hope you can recognise at least one of them celebrities. If not, I'm an utter failure at this.

April 28, 2007

We Are Family

Here's a proposal for the characters of a book project. Thanks for visiting!

April 7, 2007

Saving Private Greenhorn

A perfect opportunity to make use of my favorite brushstroke in Photoshop!

March 31, 2007


Just a trial piece of painting on greyscale. Rough piece, but I think the lines look more natural.


The fastest way to make her snap ...

March 28, 2007

七龙珠 Figurines

March 27, 2007

New stuff!

Having a dearth of ideas on what to draw for Illustration Friday for weeks already ... here's something to keep my posts going!

March 20, 2007


A novice attempt to create such characters, have a long way to go.

March 13, 2007

Wired ... Not

At first I wanted to do a dismembered head spilling out gadzillion wires for IF's theme, Wired. Then this head came out. I kind of liked the face and felt bad about chopping off her head. So I thought I'd do a "Starbuck meets Jessica Rabbit", you know, a sexy thing with some feminine muscles. But now, I think she looks like a ... transvestite. Eew.

February 24, 2007


February 17, 2007


A graceful slip sans gravity.

February 13, 2007

Kungfu Poser

February 4, 2007

Book Project

Some pages for a reader I just finished illustrating. It's time-consuming but rather fun to do.


January 20, 2007

Super Hero

New and improved Hulk (turns green without losing poise and tearing pants apart) moonlighting as fastfood ambassador.

January 19, 2007

Sunset at my window

Pretty, isn't it?

January 7, 2007