December 20, 2006

Hong Kong (the less crowded version)

MacLehose Trail, Sai Kung

Lantau Island

December 9, 2006


No mask can hide the (lack of) enthusiasm for the role.

December 3, 2006


It's hard to imagine how my mom coped, with half a dozen children and no help at all with the housework and making sure the kids are up to no mischief. One daunting task must have been that of 'marketing', and during the 70s all we have are crowded, stinky, very slippery wet-markets. I remember vividly my mom's instructions to grab her skirt tight when she brought me along for her daily trips to the market ... and I tagged along for an ulterior motive, that is, to bug her to buy me a toy from the corner stall. Slipping and getting lost are very real risks in that market, and mom has both her hands full to keep a grip on us. It must've been real tough ... here's to you, mighty mom.