August 27, 2005

Illustration Friday - Dreams

Strangely, I seem to be getting lighter
I take a deep breath
And find my feet lifted off the ground
With my toes, I give myself a little push from earth
The next thing I know ... I'm way up in the air
Gravity no longer applies on me

Like a fish in water, I glide in the open space
Changing directions; twisting and turning; doing multiple backflips
It's all within my control
I'm a bird
I'm Superman
I'm the Monkey God
Riding with the clouds
With the breeze on my face

Where do I go now?
How far will I dare to go?
What if I suddenly lose it and fall?
Oh, who cares ...
For once I'll cease worrying
And enjoy the utter happiness
Of dreaming a flying dream


kan said...

How did you do this? The colors are great!

Hisham said...

Very well done. I love this piece.

JacqueLynn said...

totally cute.

PaintMonster said...

I feel your feeling of floating.
and I love your character design!

Toyebot said...

Cool,Bold colors,Fly. Fly man Fly! Really nice piece.

Kim Carney said...

Oh, I had flying dreams. This is great.

Rowantree said...

Nice work, and great quote, sometimes I felt gravity no longer applies on me too !

Alison Ashwell said...

Thats lovely

♥ joleen ♥ said...

This is wonderful! Such a great concept and the colors are bright and fun! :) I like your style!

carla said...

I love this! And I love your little poem... I have often had a dream similar to yours in which I kind of hold my breath and push down the air so I start to rise...then I can soar anywhere! This is so cool! I love the look of sheer delight on his face and the way his shirt is blowing in the air current! Wonderful!

Ginger *:) said...

Me too! I often love to fly in my dreams, but I NEVER get too high. Maybe I'm afraid of heights and don't realize it, but in my dreams I am usually flying very low over fields and forests. I enjoyed your poetry as much as your painting.

Toni said...

Great work and I love your story.

pino said...

I am happy because I've found out your blog. It is enjoyable to view your illustrations. Your style is just wonderful. I will visit again!

constanthing said...

Thanks for the kind comments, folks! Especially on my attempt to create a little literature to go with it :-) I enjoyed drawing this piece too, wish I'll have more dreams like this. And to joli noir perle, I did this the same way that I did most of my cartoons - pen it, scan it, and paint and apply effects in Photoshop.

bee'nme said...

Great illustration! There's nothing like the magic of a flying dream - haven't had one in years. You captured the feel of it so well - I just love it!

coffee81 said...

oh my gosh! what a great work!

i'd be stupid if i'd missed this one!

what software(s) used anyway?

mine is in or you may visit some other work of mine in